Here's How We Stack Up!

StepSaver houses Pre-press, Press, Bindery, Inserting, Mailing and Shipping services all under one roof.  The facility is conveniently located between New York City and Boston, and minutes from all major highways.

StepSaver is Equipped with Two Color Towers
Tension Control Systems for Pin-Point Color Registration
Fully Automated Operator Consoles
Optimum Reproduction
Broadsheet, Tabloid, Book and Digest Formats
Highest standards of quality & performance
Unmatched color quality
Competitive pricing
Quick turnaround
Expert technical support customer service
Bilingual communication

   Overall, Strong values & work ethic!

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The StepSaver is fully electronic and all printing is produced using PDF files. Pages are paginated using Polkadots Publisher software and sent directly to the RIP. PDF files can be sent to us using a FTP site [File Transfer Protocol] or CD. E-Mail files must be less than 5mb.